Welcome to Re-Reads and Reviews!

I am a highly opinionated couch potato who spends far too much time on said couch reading novels, watching TV and movies or playing games. I decided a slightly more productive use of my time would be to share my opinions on these various forms of entertainment with the rest of the world and thus this little project was born.

I’d recommend starting with the on-going projects page and the master list page. That should give you a quick idea of the works I’ve covered and will cover in the near future.

As for a posting schedule, I’m trying to be as disciplined with this as possible, but I know I’ll mess it all up in the future at one point or another. In any case, he’re a rough outline:

Monday: Re-Read

Tuesday: TV show

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: TV Show

Friday: Re-Read

Saturday: Misc

I intend to play with the layout and site design a lot in the coming weeks, just to optimize the look and feel of the whole thing so don’t hesitate to mention if you love/hate the current design. If you like what you see, don’t forget to show your support by sharing this post, liking it or commenting on it. Hope to see you around!

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