Welcome to Re-Reads and Reviews!

Music, movies, TV shows, books; I do ‘em all. To get a rough idea of what I’ve already covered, check out this long list of posts. Also check out the on-going projects page to get some idea of what kind of posts will be coming up and when.

This is pretty much a side-project for me so posts aren’t as regular as I’d like, though recently I’ve been settling down into a vague schedule. Like all bloggers, I crave feedback and interaction, so if you have any thoughts or criticisms of what I’ve put up, please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you don’t feel like writing it out, I’ve enabled ratings at the end of each post as well.

Lastly, to save space, most posts are truncated after the introductory section, with a link that you can click to see the whole article. I’ve tried to pick a theme that emphasizes the ‘CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL POST’ link because it seems like some people seem to think my posts are only a paragraph long. They are not.

So with that, welcome to my little blog and I hope you find some insight or entertainment in the stuff posted!

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