A Return to Ice and Fire – A Brief Introduction

I first read A Game of Thrones (AGoT) almost four years ago, after the release of A Feast For Crows and just before HBO announced the production of the massively popular ‘Game of Thrones’ television stories. I found myself completely powerless to put the book down – I loved how brutally conventional fantasy tropes were being torn apart, and I love the ruthlessness and inherent grittiness of Martin’s world. It’s been almost two years since the last book, A Dance With Dragons was released but due to various reasons, I have just not had the time to re-read the series.

So, I believe it’s high time that I re-visit this series that I claim to be an expert on and refresh myself on what I’ve forgotten and perhaps revisit memories of old theories that were either debunked or vindicated by later books.

I will probably do three chapters a week and will essentially post a short summary of the chapter before posting my thoughts and reactions to the chapter. I generally prefer an informal writing style since this is not exactly a formal academic analysis of Martin’s work. However, from time to time, if I find something interesting (like a new theory, or a more formal academic analysis of the work) I might put the link in, either on the side or in a post itself.


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