[TV] Game of Thrones – Introduction Post

So, some of you might know, I’m kicking this site off with a reread of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. As more of you might know, this series has been adapted to television by HBO and is actually pretty popular (currently in its fourth season).

In the course of re-reading the first book, I found myself often remembering the TV show’s portrayal of certain characters and almost by default their faces came to mind when reading the book. So I figured, since I’m already re-reading the books, why not re-watch the show?

I’ll be the first to confess that I have no technical know how regarding how television is really made – as far as I know, a bunch of people get paid ridiculous amounts to play make believe and some guy sits around with a camera in one hand and a slice of delicious pizza in the other. I also suspect however, that the actual process of creating television, particularly good television is considerably more nuanced.

What I do have a very established knowledge of, however, is how to watch television. And I don’t just mean the impossibly complicated process of sitting your ass down on a couch and the unimaginable technical challenge of working a remote (and the less said about navigating the internet to find content the better). I also have a reasonable idea, like every other member of the vast television audience, of what makes good TV. I shall apply this immense database of knowledge to the task of sharing my opinions of the HBO adaptation of my favourite series of novels.

A foreword, however, is that I absolutely despise doing the whole “But in the books…” thing that some fans do (this statement is usually followed by much wangsting, which I also find distasteful). I hated it in Harry Potter, hated it in Lord of the Rings, and though I never followed Sex and the City or Gossip Girl, I’m sure I would have hated it then too. I will consider HBO and the novels are two separate cannons with the former simply drawing heavily from the latter. I will discuss book events only when truly pertinent.


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