[TV] Hannibal (NBC) – Introduction Post

After countless recommendations, I have finally decided to give Hannibal a try. For the longest time, I held the opinion that this new, TV Hannibal was just a shameless attempt at making money off of The Silence of the Lambs. Having just finished watching the first episode at the point of writing this, I have no shame in saying that I was absolutely wrong. In fact, I was so wrong, that I might never be right about anything ever again. I hope for my sake that that is not the case.

So here’s the intro to the Hannibal watch – this is my first time watching this series, though I’ve read both Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs (but neither recently enough to really recall any details) and I’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs movie that starred the inimitable Anthony Hopkins. I have to confess though that I am actually rather squeamish, with a poor tolerance for horror and gore (yeah, I a total wuss, deal with it).

Having said that, I would find a modern day rewriting of the Lector story extremely fascinating though as is always the case with me and thrillers, I hope I don’t let me obsession with minor details ruin the whole thing for me.


6 thoughts on “[TV] Hannibal (NBC) – Introduction Post

  1. Great Article,

    I watched the first episode about a year ago and really liked it, but it has been put on the backburner by other shows such as The Bates Motel, Sons of Anarchy, GoT to name a few, but i am going to start it up again in the next month i hope as it looks like it could be another awesome show to delve into.


      • Yes. It’s a great show. It can be a little slow at times, but if you invest a little time you can get really absorbed in it. There’s a lot of Motorcycle gang lingo that takes awhile getting used too, but it’s worth it. I recommend you give it a go. I think you’ll be thanking me later. 🙂


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