[TV] Hannibal – Hassun (S2E3)

Quick Recap:


The prosecution depicts Will as a psychopath who got too carried away creating profiles of murderers and became one himself. Jack is still unsure of his own convictions and he is encouraged to back the prosecution but when he is put on the stand, he does not offer evidence to damn Will but rather testifies against himself – he pushed Will too hard. Will’s lawyer is optimistic of a ‘not guilty’ verdict but Will notes that it is not the same as innocence. Will receives an ear in his mail.

Jack confides to Hannibal that he feels good about defending Will. He talks about his wife’s deteriorating condition. Jack notes that the timing of the ear was too accurate to be an accident and Hannibal thinks it’s a gift from an admirer. Will tells Hannibal that he wants there to be another killer and Hannibal reveals that it’s not him. Freddie Lounds takes the stand later and testifies against Will. Alana Bloom practices her testimony and finds it difficult to keep her feelings out of it. The FBI team learns that the ear is actually Abigail’s and it was taken out of custody by Will’s bailiff, Andrew Sykes. They visit Sykes’ house and find him mounted on antlers with organs missing. Jack thinks it raises serious doubts about the case against Will.

Chilton takes the stand next and also testifies against Will. Hannibal brings the evidence for the Sykes murder to Will, asking him what he sees. Will realizes that Sykes was mutilated after death where as in the original murders the victim was killed after. Hannibal tries to convince Will that he is on Will’s side. He tells him that the murder offers him a way out. Will’s lawyer is willing to push this angle though Alana knows that Will does not think that Sykes’ murderer was the one who killed Abigail. Alana can no longer be a witness since the defence strategy has changed – Hannibal takes her place. However, the prosecution argues successfully that the killings are sufficiently different and Will’s defence is ruled inadmissible.

The judge is found murdered and mutilated in his chambers the next day. Jack cannot understand why the judge was killed – Hannibal guesses he wanted a mistrial. Jack is encouraged to cut Will loose – condemn with his testimony or let the circus carry on. Will thinks that the killer will reach out to him soon because the killer wants to know Will.


I was so sure that Hannibal was the killer for so much of this episode. I’m still not sure if he’s not – they haven’t revealed anything yet and there seems to be so much in favour of him not being the killer, but I can’t help but think that he would actually want Will out of jail. He must be getting so bored now that there is no one for him to have long, metaphor-filled, poetic conversations with. Speaking of which, I think the lawyer in this episode (Will’s lawyer, to be precise) might just be the most hilarious character in this show. You see, while all the other characters are taking themselves so seriously what with their perfectly worded analogies and slow, deliberate ways of expounding on the nature of the human mind, it was really amusing to see this one lawyer just come in shake things by speaking like a normal, well-adjusted human being. It’s almost as though the main cast of the show live in a bubble, totally isolated from the rest of the world and this is one of the first episodes in an incredibly long time that shows these characters interacting with people from outside the bubble.

I’m not sure what to make of the sheer number of highly skilled, meticulous serial killers. It seems like almost every episode there’s a new psychopath lurking around in Baltimore. Now, I don’t have any official data or anything, but surely serial killers aren’t all that common and furthermore surely one shouldn’t be able to kill a bailiff and a judge in the span of a couple of days, right? Well, I’m just gonna go with it in any case since questioning stuff like that is inherently pointless. I think by this stage, I’ve already begun to lose track of the games that Hannibal and Will are playing. It’s almost as though the entire cast is a little confused about what exactly they believe. Let’s do a little recap, shall we?

First off, we have Hannibal. Is Hannibal really trying to be Will’s friend? Does he think he can bring Will over to the dark side? What was with him trying to save Will by offering testimony? I can’t decide whether or not I think that Hannibal truly believes that Will is confused and uncertain about what he believes. I’m getting confused writing this out myself, so if you followed that last sentence, congratulations, you now know what I meant better than I do. Next we have Will who is also playing at some game but as the episodes are going by I’m beginning to wonder more and more what Will thinks he’s doing. He’s playing the innocent, confused act, which makes sense because as he says in this episode, if he continues to blame Hannibal, he will appear insane. However, I’m getting the feeling that Will is not as sure about his feelings regarding Hannibal as he seemed two episodes ago and that is extremely worrying.

Last but not least, we have Jack who just insists on getting in on the self-blame-game. There isn’t much to say about him except that his martyr-complex is definitely going to get in the way of a promotion sometime in the future. Yes, there is a strong case for him having pushed Will over the edge, but I feel that the prosecution makes a compelling argument that, were Will sane, he would have been able to walk away from the stress multiple times had he really wanted to. We also received a reminder that Jack’s wife is dying and so we should feel bad.


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