[TV] Hannibal – Takiawase (S2E4)

Quick Recap:


Will has dreams of teaching Abigail how to fish and they discuss the differences between hunting and fishing. Beverly comes to visit Will and Will is curious about who killed the killer. Will accuses Hannibal of being the muralist’s killer and Beverly is far from convinced but agrees to keep looking. Meanwhile, this week’s case involves bees infesting corpses. Will knows that Chilton has been recording his conversations with his visitors and offers him full access to himself on the condition that Chilton not share details of the therapy with Hannibal.

Bella is losing hair from the chemotherapy and seeks advice from Hannibal. She is considering suicide, to end life on her own terms rather than to the cancer. Hannibal subtly encourages her to take this path. Beverly consults Hannibal about the muralist and he notices that she’s just repeating Will’s words. Hannibal agrees with Will’s theory about the killer. Chilton gives Will a truth serum and Will asks what he would use to cause memory loss. Will has flashbacks of drawing a clock for Hannibal as Hannibal injects him with something, while flashing a strobe light to induce the memory loss. Will realizes what Hannibal was doing and shares his insight with Chilton who seems troubled by it.

Chilton confronts Hannibal about the use of light-stimulation. Bella informs Jack that she does not want further treatment. The FBI team finds that the dead man was lobotomized. The killer is an acupuncturist who uses her therapy to kill. They find that the bee stings are hiding the acupuncture marks which gives Beverly an idea. She goes back to muralist and opens up his stiches and realizes that the stiches are hiding stiches. She finds that muralist is missing a kidney.

Will is beginning to regain all his memories from the previous season – he remembers being in Hannibal’s house with Gideon. Beverly goes to Will with her findings and he tells her that Hannibal is both the copycat and the Ripper. Jack finds the acupuncturist, who confesses to her crimes while Bella is with Hannibal. She has taken an overdose of morphine and is dying in Hannibal’s office. Hannibal decides to save her, to her dismay. Beverly learns that Hannibal and Jack are at the hospital and decides to investigate Hannibal’s home. Hannibal returns and it’s implied that she is killed.


Oh shit y’all. Beverly’s dead? Did not see that coming, definitely need to process that. So, I guess, Will was right in saying that Hannibal was baiting Beverly into investigating him? I mean, Hannibal literally told her where to look and Hannibal knew that he wasn’t up against Beverly, but rather that he was going up against Will via a proxy. So, was this Hannibal accepting Will’s challenge? Before we look at that though, I want to start at the beginning and basically talk about Will a bit. This episode answered a lot of the questions I had about Will Graham. For example, was he really still confused, or was it an act that he was putting up for Hannibal’s benefit? The answer is, thankfully, that he is remarkably clear on what Hannibal is, and as of this episode he’s only getting clearer. I’m also thrilled that it looks like we’ll be getting a much fuller picture of what exactly happened during Will’s blackouts last season, though I do wonder whether it really makes sense to show them through Will’s perspective. I mean, by definition don’t blackouts mean that you, you know, blackout? As in, not remember anything? In any case, I found Will’s difference between hunting and fishing to be both hypocritical and extremely appropriate. On the surface of things, there’s really no difference between hunting and fishing – both involve the death of animals via man-made tools. Of course, what Will was getting at was that hunting is more of a predatory activity in a sense whereas, Will wants to catch as in catch the killer/Hannibal.

The whole fishing versus hunting thing was very appropriate in the scene where Will decides to sell his soul to Chilton (in a sense). Will was surprisingly assertive and almost aggressively manipulative in that scene – I would go so far as to say that it felt a little Hannibal-esque, especially the way Will seemed to know just how to grab Chilton by the balls. Chilton though, continues to annoy me. The way he broached the topic of psychic-driving a patient to murder with Hannibal makes me think he isn’t going to last very long in this story. He just revealed to Hannibal that he knows there’s something up with Will and memory-loss and that would be something that Hannibal is not going to want to let get out. From Chilton’s own perspective though, he seems to think that he and Hannibal are on equal terms here since they both drove their patients to murder, but he obviously fails to realize that Hannibal is playing an entirely different sort of game.

Then we have Hannibal himself. It’s weird, but one of the things, I noticed was that we’ve been getting a lot fewer epic food preparation montages this season. There wasn’t one this episode and I can’t really remember the last one we had, though admittedly I don’t pay too much attention to them. But yes, coming back to the topic of Hannibal, it feels a lot like there’s some twisted kind of courtship going on between him and Will – it’s like he prepared an interesting murder case (the muralist) just for Will to uncover, like he’s saying ‘only my soul-mate would be able to truly understand what I’ve done here’ then he shoves it under Will’s nose via Beverly Katz, because as capable as she is, we all know that only Hannibal and Will understand these deeper thematic occurrences in the world around them *eye roll*.

Next, we have Jack’s storyline with Bella and the whole drama there. I don’t particularly find it very engaging. Yes, it’s very sad that Bella is dying and yes, I’m sure we all feel bad for Jack, but I don’t know if it really has anything to do with the greater storyline. I can’t imagine what exactly her death is supposed to do beyond being a cheap way of creating drama and feelings. It also doesn’t help that I feel like that particular storyline clashes terribly with the main plotline of the season. I mean, technically, Beverly’s murder only happened because she thought that Hannibal wouldn’t be home, which in turn happened because of the Bella plotline, but I mean if they wanted to write Hannibal out of home, it’s hardly impossible to do. One interesting thing point though, is that I do wonder whether Hannibal saved Bella just to get on Jack’s good side. I mean you’re less likely to suspect someone who saved your wife’s life of being a serial killer right?

Anyway, last but not least, we shall talk about Beverly Katz. Er, there isn’t actually a lot to say because we don’t really know a lot about her. I still think it’s really stupid that she didn’t tell anyone about the missing organs (though I’m sure they’d find out sooner or later) or that she didn’t say a thing to Jack before investigating Hannibal’s home, but I guess they needed a way to raise the stakes this season and killing a major minor character was one easy way of doing that. You’ll notice that I haven’t said a word about the killer-of-the-week. There’s a good reason for that.



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