[Anime] Gurren Lagann – Episode 5.5


This is a short episode, possible an OVA, but I didn’t realize until I was halfway through, so…oops? Anyway, it’s more of a little break from the main plot (even though we’re only 5 episodes in). A catgirl (for the lack of a better word) plays a prank on Kamina, by painting his glasses black, making him think that he’s gone blind. Yoko figures it out instantly, since she isn’t retarded. The catgirl comes back and cleans the glasses, impressing Kamina greatly. It turns out that Simon is actually quite the neat freak and regularly maintains Lagann regularly. This is hardly a surprising detail. Also, the catgirl’s name is Chitori but I don’t think we’ve seen her before. Honestly, I hope I’m not spoiling myself by watching this, but anyway, I doubt there’ll be any major drama in a 12min episode. Kamina feels challenged by the cleanliness of Lagann and decides to fix up Gurren as well – or rather, make Chitori do it. Of course, good leaders delegate right?

Just then, a Gunmen attacks, out of nowhere. Kamina, true to form, refuses to use Gurren while it’s mid-wash and decides to jump in with Simon to fight the Gunmen. Yoko joins as well  because the thought of the two of them alone is ‘disturbing’. Not the word I would have chosen, but ok. Back with Gurren, Chitori signals to her father to come steal the robot away while Yoko notices that it’s weird that the Gunmen they’re fighting keep running away. Seriously, where would they be without Yoko? Also, I noticed Rossiu, the orphans and Roy in the trailer thing that they stay in so clearly I am not spoiling myself (I think).  Just then, the stolen Gurren joins the fight. Kamina, for reasons beyond anyone else, decides to try combining with it anyway. What’s even funnier though, it that the enemy already anticipated that.

Kamina finds Chitori’s abandoned Gunmen and steals that and rejoins the fight. Kamina, who seems totally obsessed with combining (hint hint) forces Simon to combine with the stolen robot. Somehow, it works (this could summarize most of the fights in this series) to give an utterly ridiculous, slightly disturbing rabbit/human hybrid robot. During an opening in fight, Simon combines with Gurren and steals it back. Defeated, Chitori and her father retreat and Gurren is back to its filthy state, rendering the entire episode pointless.


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