[TV] Hannibal – Mukozuke (S2E5)

Quick Recap:


Hannibal meets Jack at the hospital and consoles him over Bella’s suicide attempt, saying he is a better friend than therapist. Freddie Lounds discovers Beverly’s remains on display at the observatory and tells Jack. Jack finds the body and informs the rest, including Will. Will asks to see the body and is escorted there. He analyses the evidence and explains to Jack that it was the work of the Ripper and the Copycat but stops short of naming Hannibal, telling Jack he needs to make the connection himself.

Chilton has revised his opinion on who the Ripper is and Will is able to convince him to let him talk to Abel Gideon. Gideon refuses to give Hannibal up to Will, telling him that Hannibal can’t be caught. If Will wants to get him, he’ll have to kill him. Hannibal is curious as to why Chilton transferred Gideon back to his facility but Chilton is just barely able to hide the truth from him. Hannibal asks to interview Abel Gideon. Gideon and Hannibal have a veiled conversation, both aware that Chilton is eavesdropping. Hannibal meets Lounds outside the facility. She is there to interview Will and he uses her to get a message out to his ‘admirer’ – the murderer who killed the judge and the bailiff. It turns out the admirer is much closer than Will previously thought – it’s his orderly at the asylum. They converse a little, each sharing his admiration for the other’s work and the orderly reveals that he didn’t kill the judge. Will asks him to kill Hannibal. Gideon overhears this.

Alana visits Will later and questions his interview with Lounds. Will evades her questions saying he did what he had to do. Alana visits Gideon next and asks how he knew to find her that night. He dodges the question but tells her instead that Will is looking for revenge and warns about the danger to Hannibal, in order to ‘save Will from himself’. Alana brings this information to Jack while the orderly accosts Hannibal at the pool and begins crucifying him but is shot dead by Jack before he can finish extracting a confession from Hannibal.


So, in latest news, it turns out Will is every bit as cold as Hannibal. Well, maybe not every bit but he’s certainly ‘got it in him’ as Gideon mentions in this episode. While I know that I’m supposed to be horrified that our protagonist is willing to stoop so low as to enlist another serial killer (why the fuck are there so many serial killers around anyway?) to do his killing for him, I think the greater part of me is really proud of Will. I mean, he’s finally stopped pussy-footing around and decided to take a very decisive measure. The fact that Gideon inexplicably feels protective of Hannibal and Alana thinks she has things figured out doesn’t change the fact that this feels like the first time that Will has gone on the offensive in more than a season of Hannibal. Something tells me that Hannial might not take too kindly to being killed and that’s to say nothing of Will’s good boy rep with Jack and Alana who both know now that Will has some murderous intentions in him regardless of his innocence in the Abigail case.

I think Beverly’s death was very well handled – the way everyone reacted felt very real and empathetic and I have to say, the way she was displayed actually felt shocking compared the other mountain of gore and twisted fantasy we’ve seen on this show and of course, that’s mostly because we were much closer to Katz than to almost all the previous victims. We got our meal preparation scene this episode and it was chilling – again, it looked a lot worse given that it was Beverly’s kidneys. I wonder what vegetarians watching the show think of it?

I’m always very happy to see Eddie Izzard reprise his role as Abel Gideon. His conversations with Hannibal seem to take place almost entirely on a metaphorical/allegorical level and while for the most I like the idea, I do think it makes the whole thing a lot more pretentious and difficult to really follow. Gideon’s motivations this particular episode don’t really line-up for me though. He’s a murderer, an admitted murderer even, so isn’t it a little much for him to be claiming the high ground and withholding information from Will on the basis of Will assaulting him, given that Gideon would have happily murdered Will? Or did I miss something and was Gideon actually trying to protect Will from himself? If it really is the latter then it is a bit much to believe as well – Will is nothing to Gideon, they owe each other nothing. I guess that does contradict with Gideon helping Will, but I don’t know. I guess I feel like Gideon should be aware enough at this point to realize the magnitude of the threat that Hannibal presents to put aside his reservations regarding Will, but then again I don’t know if that would be a realistic realization for him to have, removed from the action as he is.

Lastly, we have the orderly. It seems like he was a one-episode wonder, but I really liked his short-lived presence in the episode. He was so unassumingly omnipresent in the background for the whole episode and I noticed him in a couple of shots almost by accident but I did not expect him to be the admirer. It’s interesting though that he says that he did not kill the judge. Was that Hannibal then? If so, Will must be the head cheerleader in Serial Killer High, cos apparently his milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard.


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