[Anime] Gurren Lagann – Episode 6


The gang is lost – they reached the point where the facility they are looking for is supposed to be, but they can’t find it.  Roy thinks that the facility itself is moving and that the data they have is not really reliable. Yoko, the poor thing, is suffering because all the guys reek from having not bathed in weeks. That’s understandable since they are in the middle of a desert, after all. What I don’t understand though, is how Yoko herself doesn’t stink given that her hygiene levels can’t be all that much better than the guys’. Apparently, she does brush and bathe somehow so I guess she has a point? I hope this is a plot point, because now I can’t get the image of all the characters reeking of sweat and bad breath. Before we can get any further gory details on their body odour though, we are saved by the arrival of enemies.

Kamina and Simon make short work of the Gunmen – like really short work, it happens in a single frame and Yoko seems to think that it’s because they’re getting stronger. I suppose that’s possible, I mean they are fighting every episode though I don’t get how Yoko’s bullets are getting any more powerful but that kind of logic has no place in this anime. Also, apparently Yoko has shifted her affections from Kamina to Simon, it seems. RIP Kamina, you know not what you lost. Either that, or she’s messing with both of them, in which case I wish she’d stick to Kamina – his reactions are a lot funnier than Simon’s lame blushing. One of the enemies gets away somehow, and Rossiu, God bless his soul, comes up with the simple, but brilliant plan of following the lone survivor back to the mobile base (called a recall point). Unfortunately, the rest of the team is significantly less competent and they lose track of the Gunmen at some point. Also, they are randomly surrounded by fog.

Yoko mercilessly toying with Simon’s pure heart

They find a mysterious old man in the fog and he leads them a building. Rossiu advises against following strangers into unknown places, but who the hell does he think he’s travelling with?! Kamina is already inside anticipating a reward. He is rewarded soon enough to Rossiu’s bemused (see picture). Apparently Kamina and the gang are famous and all these hussies are big Kamina fans (Yoko, move it or lose it) with the head of the girls being an old woman who looks suspiciously like a mamasan. She tells Kamina that everyone has heard of him and he is worshipped all across the land for his exploits. Kamina, of course, swallows all of this up to Yoko’s disgust and Rossiu’s irritation.

Kamina’s dream

A feast is thrown, full of seafood, leading Rossiu to call it fishy (…) and wonder if it’s poisoned but before he can finish the thought, the food is done and the boy from the starving village didn’t get a bite to eat. The three Black sisters appear as well and put Kamina in Marshmellow Hell/Heaven as Yoko just watches in jealousy (L). They visit the hot springs later where Kamina is annoyed that the springs are divided by gender. After a few moments of serious conversation (or what passes for serious in this series) where Kamina talks about visiting the moon next, we get a really weird scene where after hearing the girls talk about each other’s breasts (because what else would they talk about?) Kamina tries to sneak a peek (of course) by standing on Simon’s shoulders when a kid puts a finger up Simon’s ass. Yeah. Moving on.

Simon manages to drill a hole through the wall only to hear that Yoko is not interested in either him or Kamina (yeah, sure). The girls also diss him a bit further, saying he has no identity apart from Kamina (true) and that he’s still just a kid (also true). Yoko throws him a line by saying he’s a good person though and feeling guilty, Simon plugs up the hole. Kamina climbs up the wall but just then the mamas an activates her plan and it turns out the whole bathhouse is a Gunmen (sure, why not?). The mamasan holds the girls hostage but more importantly convinces Kamina to give up by censoring the images of the girls until he sets out of Gurren. He does so and realizes that they were clothed the whole while (somewhat). He tries to get back to Gurren but it has been stolen away. Luckily, Yoko has a pistol on her (sure, why not?) is able to shoot her way out of the cage. Yoko is pissed at Kamina and admits that she would be willing to bare herself at any point. Ok, so I’ll just leave that there…

Well, then.

They destroy the engine room of the bathhouse but it turns out that the clothes that the girls are wearing are controlled by the bathhouse owners (seriously, what is up with this show?) and the clothes tighten to constrict and suffocate them. It turns out though, that they’re wearing another set of underwear beneath in the constricting ones and that’s enough to drive Kamina absolutely berserk. Simon bails them out and combines with a Rossiu-piloted Gurren to beat the bathhouse. Just when it looks like they’re out free, Viral makes a return appearance but I can’t take any of it seriously because no one’s wearing clothes.


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