[Anime] Gurren Lagann – Episode 9


In the capital, Lord Genome, The Spiral King, discusses the loss of Dai-Gunzen and the death of its captain, one of the great generals of the Beastmen. He implies that he created the Beastmen (his name certainly does) and two of the remaining generals ask for the honour of avenging the old general’s death and retaking the Dai-Gunzen. I don’t really want to remember all their names, but there is one, Cytomander the Swift and another Adiane the Elegant. The last one is an anteater called the immovable. This Lord Genome seems human though it is said that he is immortal. He says something about humans ‘seeking the light’ which I neither understand nor think that I am supposed to.

Simon is understandably, in a bad state, and his mental instability is keeping Dai-Gunzen (renamed Dai-Gurren) off balance. It’s also not helping the rest of the team because he insists on piloting it himself despite it constantly stumbling and making basic mistakes. The Black brother, Kittan,  mentions that it’s his fault that Kamina is dead, which is technically true but is also a really shitty thing to say, but Simon obviously is all too willing to believe it. He knows, or at least thinks, at he is responsible for Kamina’s death. He has a good attitude about it though, insisting that he will get tougher for both his own sake and Kamina’s. Still, he’s looking distinctly worse for wear and the mood isn’t great – it’s raining heavily and the animation reflects it with a really depressing monochrome for all of the Team Gurren scenes. Unfortunately, Simon’s attitude isn’t perfect and he ends up taking it out on others, like poor Rossiu. It’s hard to blame Simon for being such a wreck – it’s only been a week and he just lost his major emotional support.


There is also trouble in the ranks – most of these new team members don’t trust that Simon is going to be able to lead the team and don’t think he should be piloting Dai-Gurren. It’s a little annoying (ok, more than a little) that these fucking nobodies think that they get a say in what goes down especially since before Kamina, they were pretty much as useless (if not more) than Simon was. Still, it’s not looking good for the team’s future but the main core of the team seems to have Simon’s back – Leeroy and a few others who knew Simon and Kamina both seem ok (if not exactly enthusiastic) with Simon carrying on.

Yoko isn’t doing too good either – she’s training harder than ever and I think she articulates her and Simon’s feelings perfectly – it’s all they can do to keep themselves together. Simon’s instability continues when the team is attacked and Rossiu and Simon have to defend Dai-Gurren. He is vicious on the battlefield and Gurren-Lagann is highly unstable because of it. In the middle of battle, Simon can no longer hold it together and as a result Lagann goes berserk and disengages from Gurren leaving Rossiu stranded. The enemies chase Lagann though the rest of the team thinks that Simon ran away to save himself (seriously, who let these fuckers into the group?).

Simon wanders around in Lagann in the depth of a crevice when he notices a mysterious box that some creature drops in front of him. He opens it with Lagann’s guy and a pretty girl pops out. Yay, just what an emotionally unstable kid, needs to straighten him out! (There was some sarcasm there, but I’m not sure myself just how much). The pretty girl, named Nia, seems to be a Beastmen since she wonders why Simon is the ‘same as her’ in that he has no fangs, scales, etc. She has never seen the outside world (which makes me wonder what inside is) but just then (before Simon can blurt out his undying affection for her) they are attacked by a Gunmen. Simon can’t use Lagann properly and attempts to sacrifice himself so that Nia can survive. She asks if he really wants to die and he agree to run. They are saved by Yoko and Kittan. Yoko, it should be noted does not approve of Nia.

Simon gets weird looks when he returns with Nia – questions like ‘First he abandons then he returns with a chick?’ (obligatory why the fuck are these people on the team). Nia has never seen a human except her father (who I bet everything I have is Lord Genome) and believes she may have pissed him off by asking why she was born. Simon, in the meanwhile, is wondering if Lagann is going to abandon him too. I hate to break it to you, Simon, but no one abandoned you and suggesting that Kamina did is a little disrespectful.

Pick one: Engrish, bad translation or deliberately weird phrasing?

Anyway, Adiane choose that moment to attack with her own gigantic Gunmen and Simon is literally out of it. Nia recognizes Adiane though and rushes out. AND I WAS RIGHT – Nia is Genome’s daughter! Hah! (Not that anyone had time to doubt me, but still). Anyway, she orders Adiane to stand down but the episode ends before Adiane can respond. So, this should be interesting.


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