[Anime] Gurren Lagann – Episode 12


Guame reports back his failure to Genome (who oddly enough doesn’t seem all that upset by it) but notes that the Dai-Gurren is heading directly for Tepplin (the capital) and that its current route will take them right into the sea and into Adiane’s waiting jaws. Beating Adiane is going to be a big ask given that the majority of the team has never seen the sea before. I do like how consist they are with the things that they’ve seen or haven’t seen and since the majority of them only came above ground for the first time in the last few months, seeing the sea described as a giant water puddle felt oddly appropriate. Kittan’s attempts at educating the crew is hilariously waylaid when all they can picture is Yoko and the girls in swimsuits (which they somehow know about despite this being their first time near a big body of water).

Yoko wisely says they don’t have time to goof off but Roy corrects her by mentioning the Dai-Gurren can’t cross the sea in its current state. It looks like we have a beach episode on our hands then. You’ll forgive me for not going into every specific detail of every bit of fanservice dropped? There are some fairly funny moments though. It turns out Nia is much better than Yoko at pretty much everything, to the former’s fury. Yoko might just be slightly jealous of all the attention Nia is getting and now it’s her turn to act like a kid. Just in time, Roy finishes his modifications to the Dai-Gurren, turning it literally into a duck machine that can waddle through the sea. The whole lot of them are extremely relaxed considering that they are heading straight for the enemy’s stronghold.

Umm, spoiler alert?

Adiane and Viral decide to spoil the party with torpedoes. The Dai-Gurren’s attacks are pretty ineffectual though as are the actual Gunmen themselves – except Gurren Lagann. The Dai-Gunkai (Adiane’s mech) begins dragging the Dai-Gurren down underwater, leading Nia to request everyone to be calm as they face drowning and believe in Simon. This is basically her, reaffirming Simon’s insanely thick plot armour. Simon OP-stomps his way through the fight, freeing Dai-Gurren, but Adiane is able to capture Nia and hold her prisoner. She plans to make the humans kill each other. Nia falls when Yoko shoots Adiane’s Gunmen and is rescued by the old man again. Ok, seriously who is this old dude? He keeps popping up everytime Nia is nearby and I have no idea what his connection to her is. Anyway, with no hostage, Simon is free to go all out and that’s pretty much the last we’ll be seeing of Adiane. Hmm, so the subs that I’m watching consistently spell his name as Lordgenome, so I guess that is his name? I’ve been referring to him as Genome because I had assumed typos and that that the ‘Lord’ part of his name was a title, but apparently, he was literally born with the title to this name.


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