[Anime] Gurren Lagann – Episode 20


Viral and Simon are locked up together, something that Viral finds ironic and claims it as moment of human wisdom for the leader of the revolution and a holdout from the previous empire to be locked up together by a new government that has surpassed both of them. Meanwhile, the evacuation has begun and is proceeding well. Leeron is impressed by Rossiu’s competence but hopes he doesn’t burn himself out. Simon continues his captivity as more and more blame him for the impending disaster. This is something that I will never understand – how exactly is it Simon’s fault that this race of mysterious Anti-Spirals have it in for humanity and that they are chucking the moon at Earth? Would these same people have preferred if Simon never defeated Lordgenome? In any case, Simon’s time in jail is far from smooth – some Beastmen are locked up with him and are looking for revenge. He is almost chopped up in the locker-room (prison locker-room have got to be one of the scariest place on the planet) but is saved by Viral who mocks his inability to protect himself without his Gurren Lagann. Viral’s new body, given to him as the Spiral King’s final act, is immortal – it capable of complete regeneration from the looks of it. I’ve actually forgotten if the Beastmen’s power was fuelled by the Sun since it’s been a while since the Beastmen were even relevant. Anyway, Viral lays into Simon both physically and psychologically, taunting his imprisonment at a time when he is most needed. Simon defends himself, trying to claim he is just doing what he has to but Viral notes that that was the Spiral King’s plan too which I disagree with. In the first place, I don’t think Simon is ‘doing what he needs to’ in prison but that’s fine because it’s not like he chose to be there but on the otherhand, the Spiral King took many extensive steps to prevent what Simon could not so it wouldn’t be fair to say he did nothing. They end up in solitary for their troubles. I find it interesting that the humans and the Beastmen are almost the same strength now – didn’t it used to be the case that the humans were much stronger physically but the Beastmen had the mecha tech exclusively? I wonder if the idea here is that relying on the technology makes you weaker.


Kittan tries to make amends with Kinon but only ends up irritating her further. The Arc Gurren is operational though it requires Lordgenome’s head attached to it to run everything. He’s basically an AI now but I’m thankfully not the only one wary of the fact that a solid 36% of humanity is in the hands of a remake of the minds of a man who enslaved a 100% of the population before. Kittan sees Rossiu load animals onto the Arc Gurren and is puzzled by this because the trip to space was only supposed to last a few weeks but Rossiu reveals that it will be for a year. Leeron reveals that his computer simulations have shown that the impact of the moon crashing will keep the planet from being habitable for an entire year and will even wipe out those underground. This is…surprisingly dark. I mean if the majority of mankind is going to be wiped out then we’re dealing with some seriously difficult times here. Rossiu intends for the gigantic Arc-Gurren to become a second Earth and is thus loading up various species of animals into the ship and I have realized why it’s called the ‘Arc’-Gurren. Rossiu is literally Noah then?

Kittan showing them how to Kamina it up

Kittan goes to visit Anne. Remember, this stupid child is the entire fucking reason that the moon is going to crash and kill most people. Still, she’s so cute though. He insists on his family moving to the Arc-Gurren right away. I know this isn’t the place for this conversation, but I think it’s more than a little fucked up that the higher-ranking officials get to just move their connections up the Survive-the-Apocalypse list just like that. I mean, it’s a common thing and it happens all the time in real life, but the whole human extinction thing makes this seem scummier. The Mugann return and begin targeting the Arc-Gurren as Dayakka reveals that he has quit his government post and is staying with Kiyoh and Anne (albeit on the Arc-Gurren). Kittan loads the survivors of the massive city wide attack up but stay behind to cover their escape. I know he started out as a real dick but this season, he’s been one of my favourite characters. If only he could throw punches a little better…

Kittan gets back in his old Gunmen and it turns out that the Gunmen were first created by Lordgenome to defend against the Anti-Spiral threat, meaning that the old school Gunmen are extremely effective against the Mugann. Rossiu is forced to make the call to leave in 30 minutes since that is how long the shields will hold up – those who can’t get on-board by then will be left behind. Kittan appears and says that he doesn’t fit in this new government or in any government. He’s just a member of Team Gurren and these bigger ideals are meaningless to him. He asks for the Core Drill saying it is Simon’s soul and his spirit. Simon and Viral watch the launch from their cell but Simon is happy that Rossiu managed to pull it off – he doesn’t know yet that Rossiu had to leave most people behind or that those in the underground shelters would die as well. However, Nia turns up to remedy the situation – she appears and informs Simon of Rossiu’s decisions and mankind’s fate, reminding Simon that the Anti-Spirals seek absolute despair. Simon is on the verge of said absolute despair but a surprising figure turns up to confront Nia, massive sniper rifle in hand. It’s actually really good to see Yoko again even though this episode was rather uncharacteristically grim. I guess I’ll wait till the next episode to see where this goes, though I imagine it’s only going to good places.

#BasicBitches #BoringBitches #YokoIsBack

For the most part Rossiu has my sympathies – or rather, specifically in the part of having to make this decision – but I’m surprised that this show being what it is, that there is no way for Simon & Co. to ‘reject common sense to make the impossible possible’. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of the show? I feel we’ve had too much of Rossiu’s calm and logical reasoning and while in the real world it might work, in the world of TTGL you just gotta go over-the-top, above and beyond. When the moon has become your ceiling, you have to remind yourself that you have a drill that can pierce the heavens!


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