[TV] House of Cards (Netflix) – Introduction Post

house-of-cards-season-1-posterHappy New Year!

With the conclusion of Hannibal (for now at least, season 3 is schedule of early-mid 2015), a slot has opened in my viewing schedule and the predictable dilemma of what watch popped up. There were two shows that ended up being the finalists in my mind – True Detective and House of Cards. I chose the latter not only because of its premise but also because True Detective felt as dark (if not darker) than Hannibal and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to mix it up a little. Like Hannibal, House of Cards’ next (final?) season is just around the corner and this seemed like an opportune time to give the show a try.

I should mention though that I saw the first season of House of Cards back when it was ‘airing’ but due to real world constraints I couldn’t finish the show right away and for one reason or another, I never went back to it – until now. I’ve heard great things about House of Cards, particularly Kevin Spacey’s performance as the conniving Frank Underwood but I should warn anyone reading this that I know embarrassingly little about the American political system beyond the basics, so if at any point I complain about something that would be logical to a more knowledgeable viewer, feel free to call me out on it.

On a final note, I plan on switching up the way that the posts work. Right now, my usual method involves posting a summary with an informal (sometimes very informal) ‘discussion’ type section afterwards. I don’t particularly like that format because it means that I can’t discuss things as they happen or if something relatively minor catches my eye, it feels out of place to comment on it in a discussion of the whole episode. It was particularly problematic with Hannibal because that show was extremely dense in terms of its relevant dialogue. So, what I’m going to now if have a small write detailing what’s going on followed by a few comments on what just happened (if necessary). I don’t know how well that’ll work for a serious TV show, but I suspect it’ll feel more organic.

Anyway, that’s all for now. First episode of House of Cards will be up on 8th January, 2015, see you then!





5 thoughts on “[TV] House of Cards (Netflix) – Introduction Post

  1. Can’t wait! I’m only two episodes into season 2 so far, but I’m loving what I’ve seen of the show.

    Also, sorry for not having commented much (or at all, I’m not sure) over the past year. I love your blog, especially your game of thrones rereads. Keep it up.


  2. Hi –

    I am not sure where you are when you view H of C or write about the show geographically speaking. Per Entertainment Weekly and per Netflix website – House of Cards (Season 3) will become available on February 27th, 2015.

    If you are someplace other than the USA, maybe you are referring to Season 2 – in which case – my apologies are offered.

    Either way – I have written about House of Cards myself, so your opinions on the show, will be interesting to me.


    • Hi, I’m not in the US right now but I have a VPN that let’s me get to my Netflix account.

      It’ll probably a be a while before I can catch up with season 3 since I’ve only just begun season 1.

      I’d love to read your thoughts on the show but I’m a little wary of spoilers so might hold off on it until I finish season 1 at least.


      • Okay rnr –

        My lips are sealed. I think I did the bulk of my writing about the show for Season 2.
        It is kind of interesting how you put it – being wary of spoilers.

        I felt the same way myself when I began Season 2 – meaning If I limited my reviews, some other reader might jump ahead and make counter arguments or suggestions which could or would be spoilers for me. And if I watched the whole season, and wrote in depth, then I would be the author of spoilers for others.


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