[Anime] Death Parade – Suicide Tour (S1E12)

The moment of truth has arrived – after eleven episodes, it is judgement day for Chiyuki as Decim must make the call of whether she is worthy of redemption or not. For a series’ finale, ‘Suicide Tour’ leaves something to be desired but at the same time, as an episode itself, it is incredibly well … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Suicide Tour (S1E12)


[Anime] Death Parade – Memento Mori (S1E11)

Perhaps fittingly for a penultimate episode, ‘Memento Mori’ is a sombre, reflective episode, even by Death Parade’s standards. Unfortunately, by those very same standards, the episode isn’t a particularly strong one. It feels, in some ways, that the studio didn’t quite have enough content to fill the episode out and decided instead to stretch the … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Memento Mori (S1E11)

[Anime] Death Parade – Story Teller (S1E10)

After nine episodes of exploring human nature and trying to navigate the fairly dense topic of judging a life objectively, Death Parade finally reaches it critical tipping point. It is now or never – over the course of the next two episodes, Decim must pass judgement over the Assistant, Chiyuki. Decim himself has grown a … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Story Teller (S1E10)

[Anime] Death Parade – Death Counter (S1E9)

Human nature and the exact meaning of the term ‘darkness of the soul’ are this episode’s main themes, though I guess you could say that about the whole show. For the first time, we see the arbitration process break down – the Assistant can’t help but interfere in the process especially given how strongly she … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Death Counter (S1E9)

[Anime] Death Parade – Death Rally (S1E8)

This was easily one of the most gripping episodes of Death Parade so far and possibly one of the best episodes overall. There is a lot to love about this episode but I feel that the best part of it was the decision to not wrap everything up this week but instead take a little … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Death Rally (S1E8)

[Anime] Death Parade – Alcohol Poison (S1E7)

This week on Death Parade, the curtains have finally been pulled all the way back and we get a good long look at the show’s universe. It is well timed too; with about five episodes left, I think it was the right move to tell us just what is going on so that we can … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Alcohol Poison (S1E7)

[Anime] Death Parade – Cross Heart Attack (S1E6)

After all the exposition and new information we got last week, I was obviously extremely hyped to see Ginti again and this time in his own bar, in his own element. The episode turned out to be rather disappointing, though. Now, I don’t have anything against light-hearted comedy moments but it feels like the show … Continue reading [Anime] Death Parade – Cross Heart Attack (S1E6)