[TV] Hannibal – Dolce (S3E6)

If there was still any question about whether or not being William Graham is the definition of suffering, this episode should provide all the answer anyone needs. The poor man has, since his introduction, been repeatedly drugged, diseased, force-fed human meat, been incarcerated, stabbed, sliced open, mentally destroyed, shoved off the train, shot, and as … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Dolce (S3E6)


[TV] Hannibal – Contorno (S3E5)

The time for passive plotting has passed in the fifth episode of the season, ‘Contorno’. Various factions make their moves but predictably, the end result is nothing but chaos. In Florence, Rinaldo Pazzi continues to hunger for a chance to redeem himself and salvage his family’s storied name but his desperation proves to be his … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Contorno (S3E5)

[TV] Hannibal – Apertivo (S3E4)

It’s time for yet another flashback on Hannibal as we return once again to the immediate aftermath of Hannibal’s rampage. If there was any good to come of the events of that night it would be that it incentivised the survivors of Hannibal’s various attacks to come forward and meet. Of course, not everyone is … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Apertivo (S3E4)

[TV] Hannibal – Secondo (S3E3)

Season 3 of Hannibal really kicks off in its third episode, ‘Secondo’, as established characters continue to develop and new characters join the fray. In Italy, Hannibal ponders his ‘meeting’ with Will. It has left him with much to thing about as he has to explore his feelings towards his friend and nemesis. Of course, … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Secondo (S3E3)

[TV] Hannibal – Primavera (S3E2)

The most important question in fans' minds after the bloodbath that concluded the second season of Hannibal, apart from "What just happened?!", was who survived Hannibal's heartbroken rampage. Clearly, Will was too important a character, and Dancy too good an actor, for his death to ever be a reality but the fate of the other … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Primavera (S3E2)

[TV] Hannibal – Mizumono (S2E13)

Quick Recap: Hannibal sends out an invitation to Jack for dinner. Will and Hannibal discuss their evolving relationship while in a parallel conversation, Will informs Jack of Hannibal’s plan. Jack intends to go in prepared and with backup available and nearby. It is unclear who’s side Will is on – he warns Hannibal that Jack … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Mizumono (S2E13)