[TV] Hannibal – Season 1 End Notes

End of Season Notes:


So, at the end of every season of a show, I like to just do a quick concluding post, just to sort of give a very brief outline of what I liked and what I didn’t like about that season or the show as a whole. Now, if you’ve read my posts about this first season of Hannibal, you’ll know that by and large I’ve been very impressed with the show, its cast and its overall execution. There have been a couple of very minor issues that I’ve had with the show and I’ll get to those in a moment.

On the plus side, and there’s a lot to talk about here, I think the real MVP for the show has to be its script. In a lot of ways, I feel that Hannibal’s script is much better suited to paper than to screen simply because of how dense and layered it is. Every line of dialogue feels like it has multiple layers and interpretations and a big part of this comes from how the show is set up. Unlike the first Hannibal Lector book, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal’s identity as a serial killer is known but most members of the audience already know that Hannibal is the villain and a serial killer just because of the impact that Anthony Hopkins’ take on the character left in pop culture. So what was interesting to me, especially at the beginning, before I really knew what direction the show was going, was how the show would handle the burden of having the mystery of who the serial killer was given that everyone kind of already knew. They handled it in the best way possible, in my opinion, by using the audience’s knowledge to create a reliable source of tension. Even people who had no idea who Hannibal Lector had no excuse not to know what he was up to by the end of the first episode and subsequent episodes left little enough to the imagination. As such, the mystery was never about who killed who, but rather about how people would find out that Hannibal did it. Even better, he was hiding in plain sight the whole while. This actually does link back up to my initial point about the importance of the dialogue in the show – the real reason that the multi-layered dialogue is so very effective is because the audience is in a unique position to easily access and appreciate all these layers. Often, in shows that have such nuanced dialogue, the meaning and impact of each line is only really appreciable in hindsight (though it is then lauded as foreshadowing). There is nothing wrong with this, but it is rather common and for one love seeing Hannibal mix things up.

I don’t want to drag this little note out too long but I absolutely cannot end it without giving a lot of credit to the cast. I’ve not been greatly impressed by Lawrence Fishburne though I will say that he did a solid job as Jack Crawford, the FBI’s Behavourial Analysis Unit’s no nonsense chief but the honest truth is that he is undoubtedly overshadowed by both Hugh Dancy, who plays protagonist Will Graham, and Mads Mikkelsen who plays Hannibal Lector. While both Dancy and Mikkelsen both are extremely talented performers in their own right, what really makes the show work is the chemistry that they share. It’s not the usual kind of chemistry either because they share an antagonistic relationship (at least in the viewer’s mind) so it’s an odd dynamic where the actors must gel but they cannot be seen as gelling too much. What impressed me, especially in the first few episodes (after which I got used to it), was the way that each actor could deliver a complex, abstract, almost philosophical speech yet make it positively riveting. They are able to share scenes where one or the other don’t show a word but still are able to convey strong feelings. The dialogue for the show is strong, but it is honestly nothing without capable vectors to carry it.

However, the dialogue can be a double edged sword. There are far too many scenes in Hannibal of Will just bemoaning the fact that he seems to be losing himself to his madness. While that doesn’t seem like something to complain about, I feel like it might make the show unnecessarily cumbersome. Yet, I can’t imagine the show without those excellent scenes of Hannibal and Will talking about nuances of the human psyche. Perhaps a more substantial weakness of the show would be the over reliance on graphic displays of violence. Sometimes, less is more and by not showing or just implying violence they could go a lot further. Again though, I find it hard to be too sincere in this criticism just because those graphic visuals are impactful and do leave behind lasting memories of most episodes so I cannot gainsay them on that account either.

So, I think that’s about everything of note that I wanted to say. I have high expectations and higher hopes for season 2 and I feel immensely confident that they will not disappoint.


[TV] Hannibal – Savoureux (S1E13)

Quick Recap:


Will hunts in the forest, searching for a stag. He gets a shot at it, but when he reaches it, a human figurine with antlers stares back at him and he wakes. He wakes up and finds blood all over himself and vomits up an ear. He sits outside, desolate, as Hannibal arrives. Hannibal takes Will back to his office and Will recalls that he remembers going to bed the night before and that he last saw Abigail at her father’s cabin and recounts the events of their last meeting to Hannibal. Hannibal sees the ear in the sink and smells Will. He tells him that they have to go to Jack and that they cannot run from this.

An FBI team investigates Will’s house looking for evidence as Jack arrests Will. Will stands in a stupor as the usual BAU team goes through his belongings. Beverly checks Will for tissue samples but she cannot stand the silence and they talk about her findings. She asks him to interpret the evidence, especially the blood under his fingernails. Jack finds that the ear in the sink belongs to Abigail Hobbs and later tells Alana that the blood and tissue samples match as well. Alana is upset that Jack did not do enough to protect Will. Jack insists that everything he did, he did under Hannibal’s advice and Alana cannot argue this but is puzzled that Hannibal did not see the signs. Alana tries to find a way out for Will but she cannot. She goes to meet Will later and asks him to let his feelings out. He remarks that she dodged a bullet with regards to him but she says she feels wounded. She offers to take care of his dogs for him. She insists she’ll find out what’s wrong with him and he is derisive of more ‘clock-drawing’. Puzzled, Alana asks him to draw a clock and he does – the clock is still skewed and mutilated. Will doesn’t see the issue with the clock, but says telling the time isn’t his problem. Alana concurs but she sees there is a problem.

Hannibal meets Dr. Du Maurier and tries to get over his grief over Abigail’s death. He cries crocodile tears for Du Maurier’s sake and talks about his regret at having failed both Abigail and Will. Back at the BAU, the team finds that Will’s fly-fishing lures have bits of human flesh as lure from each of the copycat’s victims. Jack finds the evidence hard to believe – it’s one think that Will might have killed Abigail but Will as a serial killer is a whole new idea. Jack visits Will and tells him that he’s sick and they’re going to find out what is wrong with him. Will is surprised by the reveal about the fishing hooks and protests that his episodes started long after the Boyle murder. Jack does not want to hear it – if Will’s episodes began afterwards, then that makes Will a psychopath. Will agrees but warns him to watch out for whoever is actually behind all this. Jack places Will under official arrest.

Will is to be transferred to Chilton’s hospital but he escapes on the way. Jack consults Alana and Hannibal and Alana tries to use the skewed clock drawing as proof that something is wrong with Will. Hannibal however has a perfectly drawn clock that now implies that Will is faking his illness. Jack asks Hannibal to recount the events of Hobb’s arrest. Hannibal does so, but switches his actions with Will’s so that Will is thought to be alone in the office while Hannibal helped move the boxes. It all points to Will’s guilt and worse, that he is an intelligent, aware, psychopath.

A while later, Will appears at Hannibal’s office. Will says that if it was just Abigail, he could have believed he had done it. However, the five other cases have convinced him he didn’t. Hannibal discusses all the murders with Will, suggesting ways that Will could have committed the crimes. Hannibal talks about the various killers’ minds but is in fact talking about himself. Will is beginning to picture the antlered creature from his dreams but needs to go back to Minnesota to recreate Hobbs in his mind. Jack and Alana visit Du Maurier and she tells them that Hannibal missed his session, which is unlike him. Jack realizes that Hannibal is in Minnesota with Will. In Minnesota, Will is recreating himself as Hobbs on the day of his death, complete with the phone call. The figure next to him assumed a shape of a man full of darkness and swarming with flies. Will is putting the puzzle together despite Hannibal’s attempt to divert them. However, as he begins, Will visualizes the murders and the same antlered figure from his dreams appears as Hannibal talks and Will finally begins to connect the dots as Hannibal talks about the murderers but is in fact talking about himself. He realizes that one of them killed Abigail and Hannibal agrees saying that whoever did it, killed the others. Will figures it all out and is about to kill Hannibal, but Jack intervenes just in time and shoots Will in the shoulder before Will can kill Hannibal. As Will fades into unconsciousness, in Hannibal’s place stands the antlered creature.

Jack visits Will in the hospital, where Hannibal is by his bedside. Hannibal tells Jack that Will’s brain was inflamed and that he is being treated for it and is expected to make a full recovery. Jack is upset – he has never seen anyone broken by the world Will was and he feels responsible. Hannibal meets Dr. Du Maurier and they talk about Will and Hannibal. He tells her that he will say goodbye to Will soon. She warns him to be careful since ‘they’ are starting to see his pattern. He asks what pattern that is and she says he forms close relationships with patients prone to extreme violence and that under scrutiny, Jack’s beliefs about Hannibal might start to unravel. Hannibal asks if her beliefs are unravelling.

The season ends with Hannibal visiting Will in a secure mental ward and Will greets him politely but distantly, as if meeting him for the first time.

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[TV] Hannibal – Releves (S1E12)

Quick Recap:


Will visits Georgia Madchen in hospital and she mentions that she doesn’t want to remember what she did. She is in an oxygen tank as part of her treatment, and she finds a comb. The sparks from her hair as she combs spark a fire that end up burning her alive. When Will and Jack investigate, Jack is unhappy to learn that Will had met Georgia shortly before she died. Freddie Lounds discusses Abigail’s book with her and they talk about different names for the book. Lounds asks if Abigail blames her father for the deaths of Marissa Schuer and Cassie Boyle. Lounds says that the better question is who killed Nicholas Boyle and Abigail is wracked by guilt. Lounds still thinks that Will is a serial killer and says that she would know – having seen, spoken to and been near them.

Will has a nightmare where he sees Georgia Madchen and follows her out of his house. She asks him if he sees it yet and she is impaled on stag’s antlers and bursts into fire, reborn as a stag herself. Will thinks that whoever killed Dr. Sutcliffe also killed Georgia and he tells Jack this but Jack thinks Will is still suffering from his fever and that he is trying to rationalize these deaths. In the BAU lab, the team finds a piece of plastic. Will asks if it could have been a comb Will realizes that it was the murder ‘weapon’ though no one else thinks it’s a murder. Will argues that Sutcliffe’s murderer was copying Georgia Madchen just like the Hobb’s copycat was copying Hobbs. Jack warily asking Will if he is suggesting that the copycat from the two sprees are the same and Will realizes that Georgia was also killed by the copycat. Will realizes that Georgia was killed because she saw the copycat’s face. Jack asks Hannibal later whether Will could still be suffering from a fever since he is connecting murders that seem unrelated and Hannibal adds “beyond his involvement in them”, prompting Jack to wonder what Will has been up to during his episodes.

Jack visits Dr. Du Maurier a little later, asking about what Hannibal has said about Will. They discuss the patient who attack Dr. Du Maurier and she relates some details about the incident and reveals that she would have died had her attacker not swallowed his own tongue. Jack asks if Hannibal would hide information from the FBI to protect Will. Jack meets the FBI team and asks them to track all of Hobb’s activities in his final months, including who he met and interacted with. He is willing to follow through on Will’s thought process for now. Meanwhile, Will meets Abigail and they talk about Hobbs and the anger Abigail still feels towards her father for ruining her life. Dr. Du Maurier tells Hannibal to stop interacting with Will and that it is not good for either of them. She mentions that Jack knew about the attack and tells Hannibal that she gave Jack only half-truths. She mentions that she left out how, why and who was responsible, implying Hannibal was involved in the attack.

Will meets Hannibal later to discuss his suspicions and Will thinks that copycat has something personal against him. Will intends to recreate the killer’s thinking and plans to take Abigail back to her father’s cabin and try to find a pattern. Hannibal insists that Abigail be left out of it, but Will is insistent. Obviously, Hannibal is unhappy that Will is beginning to uncover his tracks. Meanwhile, in the BAU, the team and Jack come to the conclusion that Abigail was the bait and that she was helping her father choose his victims. Jack incorrectly surmises that Abigail could be the copycat killer. Jack goes to the asylum to find Abigail but finds out that Will has snuck her out. Lounds asks Jack if Abigail killed Nicholas Boyle. Jack goes directly to Hannibal to demand what has been happening between Will and Abigail. Hannibal tells Jack about Will’s episodes and Jack is angry that Hannibal did not mention it to him before. Hannibal defends his work but Jack is more interested in where Will has taken Abigail. Hannibal seemingly reluctantly plays a tape of their sessions for Jack – where Will says that he felt like he killed Marissa. Jack walks through the various murders and realizes that Will was at every crime scene just before the crimes, though Hannibal lies to corroborate the stories. Jack thinks that Will took Abigail to Minnesota to kill her.

Will and Abigail are on a plane to Minnesota. When they reach the cabin, they talk about Will’s need to get into Hobb’s mind. Abigail abruptly asks if Will ever hunted before. Will absently replies that he fishes then a thought occurs to him and he asks Abigail if she fished or hunted the girls for her father. Will realizes that Jack was right about Abigail the whole while but the strain causes another episode and he doesn’t realize what he’s saying. Abigail gets progressively more upset and accuses Will of being the copycat. Will wakes on a plane in Virginia without Abigail in sight. Abigail returns to her home where she finds Hannibal, who says he was worried about her. Abigail tells him that Will knows everything and Hannibal tells her that Jack knows as well. Abigail asks Hannibal why he called her house that afternoon. Hannibal answers because he was curious about what would happen. He admits to killing Marissa and says he did it because he wanted to know what would happen. He tells her that he’s killed many more people than her father. She asks if he’s going to kill her and he apologizes for not being able to protect her.

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[TV] Hannibal – Rôti (S1E11)

Quick Recap:


Dr. Chilton is facing accusations of psychic driving from his patient Abel Gideon, who claims that it was Chilton was convinced him that he was the Chesapeake Ripper. In his home, Will has a nightmare in which he’s drowning. Gideon provokes his guards and escapes. Will and Jack are called to the crime scene. Will recreates the scene in his head and realizes that Gideon is heading towards Balitmore. Will and Alana visit Chilton. Chilton is hostile and refuses to take the blame for any of these events and continues to insist that Gideon is the Chesapeake ripper. Chilton ends the conversation by informing Will and Alana that Gideon’s last message was that he intended show people that he is the Chesapeake Ripper. Will has another waking nightmare in which he is imprisoned in mental asylum and Jack accuses him of murder. Jack notices Will’s little episode but does not say anything.

Will discusses these episodes with Hannibal a little later. Will admits that he feels crazy and that he is afraid that he no longer knows who he is and realizes that that is what Gideon feels as well. Will thinks that Gideon is going after his old psychiatrists and realizes that Alana is on that list. Will is assigned to Alana as her protective custody and they flirt a little, before Alana notes that Will seems oddly warm – a reference to the encephalitis from the previous episode, though Will attributes it to stress. They talk about the case and Will thinks that Gideon is looking for the real Chesapeake Ripper but realizes that the real Ripper will kill Gideon as soon as they meet.

Freddie Lounds is contacted by a psychiatrist named Dr. Carruthers who wants to collaborate with Lounds on an article. She visits his office, only to find that Gideon has killed the real Carruthers and was posing as him when he called earlier. Gideon displayed the deceased Carruthers’ body and mentions that he is recreating the Ripper’s murders. The computer in the crime scene is displaying an article detailing the murder and Jack notes that it was published before the blood was put on ice and Will realizes that Gideon has Lounds. At the observatory, Gideon discusses his demands with Lounds – he wants to know who exactly he is. He seems to remember the Ripper’s murders but notes that they are fuzzy in his head. Meanwhile, there have been further murders – two other psychiatrists who interviewed Gideon have been killed in almost the same way. However, while Gideon cut the previous doctor’s tongue out and left the rest of the body alone, these new corpses are missing an arm and Will realizes that Gideon did not kill them, but the Chesapeake Ripper did. Will realizes the missing arm is a sign from the Ripper as to where to look – the missing arm is homage to Miriam Lass’ own severed arm and is a sign leading Jack and Will to the observatory.

Gideon has Chilton and has him strapped to an operating gurney. He intends to disembowel Chilton while Chilton is conscious and watching. Lounds is made to provide him with ventilation to ensure he does not pass out from the shock. He begins the procedure is doggedly keeps Chilton from passing out. A SWAT team assembles outside of the observatory and Jack asks Will to stay inside the car. Will is having another episode however, and he follows behind Jack and the team shortly after. However, he is distracted by a moose in the distance and chases after it. Jack and the team enter the observatory but Gideon is gone but Chilton and Lounds remain. Lounds is unable to leave her position because she is holding the oxygen bag for Chilton, who is unconscious. Meanwhile, Gideon watches Jack’s team evacuate Chilton and Lounds and returns to a vehicle, only to find Will in the backseat, pointing a gun at him. Gideon notes that he was expecting the Ripper and wonder if Will is him.

Will, oddly, brings Gideon to Hannibal, who seems oddly accepting of the situation. Will asks, pointing at Gideon, if Gideon is real. Hannibal asks who he sees and Will says that he sees Garret Jacob Hobbs but Hannibal calmly tells Will that there is no one there and Will has a complete meltdown as he realizes his sanity has finally, utterly, deserted him. Will ends up having a seizure and Hannibal and Gideon speak. Gideon asks if Hannibal is the Ripper and Hannibal does not answer but notes that it is a terrible thing to have one’s identity taken away. He reminds Gideon that Alana was one his psychiatrists and tells him where to find her. When Gideon is gone, Hannibal snaps Will out of his seizure. Hannibal mentions that Gideon is at large and that he is worried about Alana. He tells Will that he is no state to go anywhere but the hospital, but pointedly leaves Will’s gun on the table when he leaves the room. He is unsurprised when he returns into the room to find Will gone. Will arrives, trembling to find Gideon staring at Alana’s home. Instead of shooting him, Will talks to him. Gideon confesses that he does not think that he will ever be able to shake the Ripper’s identity off himself. Will’s mind is a wreck though and he thinks Gideon is Hobbs. Alana hears a gunshot and sees Will crumble to the ground outside her house.

Hannibal and Jack talk about the previous night and Will took down Abel Gideon before collapsing from a very high fever. Jack is confident that the hospital will find what is wrong with Will but Hannibal tells Jack that Will should not be permitted to carry firearms. The episode ends with Hannibal talking about the incident with Dr. Du Maurier who warns him to end his fascination with Will.

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[TV] Hannibal – Buffet Froid (S1E10)

Quick Recap:


A woman is killed in her own home by a person hiding under her bed. Will talks to Hannibal, discussing his deteriorating stability and Abigail’s murder of Nicholas Boyle. Hannibal asks Will to draw a clock showing the current time – Will draws the clock and it seems normal from his perspective, but when Hannibal sees it, it is shown as skewed and messy, indicating there is indeed something wrong with Will’s brain.

Will visits the crime scene but loses himself to a hallucination and ends up tampering with the crime scene. Jack is furious at Will and asks again if Will is ready to work. Will does not take too kindly too Jack’s curiosity and says he’s not totally fine but that he wants to continue working. Will returns to Hannibal and tells him that he knows his kind of crazy but these recent episodes are different in nature – there might be a physiological cause behind it. At the hospital, Dr. Sutcliffe meets Hannibal and Will about the brain scan. The scan clearly shows that Will has encephalitis but Hannibal coaxes Sutcliffe into not telling Will this since the neurological effects are so rare to observe. Sutcliffe lies to Will and tells him that there is nothing wrong with him. Hannibal talks to Jack about Will’s condition, telling Jack that Will is mentally ill but not mentioning the physiological condition behind it.

Will’s hallucinations are worsening though – he revisits the crime scenes and a dead looking girl runs past run and suddenly he is lost in the woods in the middle of the night. He calls Kat and they discuss who the dead girl could be and Will admits that he lost the evidence and doesn’t know where. Will theorizes that the girl can’t see faces and thinks that the girl believes she is dead and returned to the crime scene to ensure that she did not actually kill her first victim. Will says that the killer cannot ‘accept her reality’ and sympathizes with her over their similar situations. Will returns to Hannibal’s office and Hannibal makes him repeat the sanity check – repeating his name, location and time and makes him draw another clock. The clock is disfigured again, but Hannibal does not remark on it. Will asks that Hannibal not publish anything about him except posthumously.

That night, as Will has a nightmare in his bed, Georgia Madchen stands outside his house window and watches him. At Quantico, Will and Jack speak with the suspect’s mother. The woman is relieved to hear she’s alive more than anything; her daughter’s suffered from mental illness her entire life and is definitely capable of violence. As the mother speaks on her frustrations with mental health rehabilitation, how doctors just offer vague generalities instead of concrete solutions, Will empathizes greatly, having recently experienced the exact same thing.

Hannibal and Dr. Sutcliffe have dinner and Sutcliffe asks Hannibal why Will is special. Hannibal says it’s because Will has a vivid imagination and pure empathy. Sutcliffe is wondering how long they should keep Will in the dark but Hannibal reassures him that when the time is right he will make things right.

Will returns to the hospital, looking for more information from Stucliffe. Sutcliffe does another MRI but when Will leaves the machine, the hospital is worryingly empty. He goes to Sutcliffe’s office and sees that the office has turned into a crime scene with Sutcliffe’s head severed at the jaw. The FBI arrive later and Will feels responsible for the murder. The FBI team notes that the only common links between the murders are Will himself – and he thinks that she thought Will was Sutcliffe since she can’t see faces.

That night, as Will sleeps, he awakens from a dream and checks under his bed only to find Georgia under his bed. Will falls to the floor and attempts to bring her into the present moment. Later, Georgia is taken to ICU and treated for her loss of vital fluids. It’s revealed that Hannibal was the one who killed Dr. Sutcliffe, not Georgi. She wandered into the room that night, and Hannibal handed her the weapon.

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[TV] Hannibal – Trou Normand (S1E9)

Quick Recap:


The episode opens with Will and Jack inspecting a gruesome crime scene: a totem pole of corpses with a fresh one mounted on the top. Will begins processing the scene and makes some headway but the scene changes suddenly and he is standing outside Hannibal’s office. Will is upset that he has lost at least three and a half hours in this episode and Hannibal insists that his empathy disorder is getting out of control. Abigail continues to feel the guilt of her father’s murders and suffers from nightmares. Will goes to apologize to Jack about his erratic behaviour at the crime scene but Jack did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Freddie Lounds convinces Abigail that she is the right person to tell Abigail’s story to the world.

Will goes to look into the totem pole crime scene and theorizes that all the bodies on the totem pole were the killer’s work despite official records stating that they died of mundane or natural causes. Later, Will goes to teach his class, but is interrupted by Alana and Will suddenly realizes that his classroom is empty and he and Alana are alone. Alana discusses their relationship and she tells him that until he becomes more stable, they will remain friends and Will accepts this and admits that he feels unstable. Later, Will and Hannibal confront Abigail about her decision to sell her story and remind her that it is not her story alone. Later on, Nicholas Boyle’s body is discovered and Jack intends to question Abigail about Boyle’s death despite Will and Alana’s protests. Abigail answers all the questions with difficulty but finally tells Jack definitively that she has not seen Boyle since the cabin incident, except in her nightmares. Alana, who is there for the questioning under protest, admits that Abigail is trying to hide something and Jack says he wants to know what it is. Abigail meets Hannibal later and it is revealed that she was the one who uncovered Boyle’s body. Hannibal is disappointed that she risked uncovering both of them and tells her she is losing his trust.

Back at the lab, Will and Jack find a common thread in the first and last corpse in the totem and pay a visit to an old retiree who readily admits to the crime. The first victim was his ex-wife’s lover while the last was her son with the other man but Will and Jack reveal to him that he killed his own son based on the DNA matches. Later on, Will goes on to pay a visit to Boyle’s body and suddenly realizes that Abigail killed Boyle. He tells this to Hannibal who admits to knowing this and to helping Abigail covering up the death. Will is unwilling to implicate Abigail in a murder trial and so promises to keep the secret. Later on, Hannibal invites Lounds, Abigail and Will to dinner and they discuss Freddie’s book. After dinner, Abigail asks Hannibal if Will knows about Boyle and Hannibal admits that he does but reassures her that he will never tell anyone. After a little further coaxing, Hannibal is able to a get a dark secret from Abigail – she had known what her father was doing right from the beginning and even helped him lure the girls to his traps.

The episode ends with a flashback to Abigail doing just that. She befriends a girl on the train who’s travelling alone and her father is seen smiling as the girls converse.

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[TV] Hannibal – Fromage (S1E8)

Quick Recap:


Tobias giving violin lessons to a teenager who complains that the strings are strange. The student asks if the strings are really catgut and Tobias says not always and we see that his strings are made from human ‘gut’.  Will and Alana walk around searching for a wounded animal that Will heard at night. Will asks if Alana thinks it’s a date and they discuss their love lives or lack thereof. Hannibal meets Franklin who says that he has been trying to analyse his friend Tobias, who he suspects of being a psychopath. Hannibal carefully brushes this aside but at the same time does not bring the conversation around to Franklin causing the latter to ask if he is boring Hannibal. Franklin wonders if he himself is a psychopath and Hannibal assures him that he is not – but he might be attracted to them.

Will and Jack find a dead man in the opera house. His vocal cords have been removed. Will imagines himself as the killer as usual but midway through it he sees Garett Jacob Hobbs in the audience. Hannibal visits Dr. Du Maurier and discusses Franklin and his own feelings of protectiveness towards Du Maurier, who is grateful but states flatly that Hannibal is her patient, not the other way around. Back at the BAU headquarters, Will hypothesizes that the killer has killed before though not in this same way. Hannibal offers some further insight regarding the murder and the use of things like olive oil to preserve the strings. They come to the conclusion that the killer (Tobias) is serenading someone, most probably another killer. Franklin mentions that Tobias has been making homicidal statements and suspects that he may be behind the opera house murder. Franklin realizes that Tobias told him about the murder because he knew that Franklin would tell Hannibal. Hannibal pays Tobias a visit. They have a very veiled conversation in which both acknowledge that they are killers though this is never overtly stated. Hannibal requests help with a harpsichord that has been making ‘strange’ noises – referring to Franklin.

Will continues to hear the sounds of a distressed animal, this time behind his wall. Alana drops by and after a short conversation, Will kisses her and they discuss the possibility of a relationship. Alana turns him down, however, stating that he is too unstable. Hannibal invites Tobias to dinner and asks him simply if he is the killer, which Tobias admits to openly. Tobias followed Hannibal on one night and knows what Hannibal does to the bodies. Tobias is interested in having a friend who understands him, a fellow serial killer like Hannibal. Dinner is interrupted when Will barges in, upset that he kissed Alana. Tobias makes a quick escape and Hannibal helps Will make sense of things. Will admits that there was no animal and Hannibal tells will that Franklin suspects Tobias of the murder. Hannibal sends Will after Tobias indirectly, knowing that Will would be in serious danger. Will visits Tobias, but steps out when he seems to hear an animal get run over. Will leaves momentarily and Tobias takes the time to murder the two agents. Will investigates the house finding Tobias’ human gut strings and is ambushed by Tobias. He escapes by firing his gun right next to Tobias’ ear startling him. Tobias escapes and interrupts Franklin’s therapy session with Dr. Lector. A brutal fight breaks out after Hannibal kills Franklin and Tobias, upset that Hannibal took his kill, attacks Hannibal. The fight ends when Hannibal gets the upper hand and kills Tobias after incapacitating him.

Jack and Will talk to Hannibal as the FBI investigate the crime scene and Hannibal is able to satisfactorily explain away their questions. Will notes that they are a little more alike now. He discusses the events with Dr. Du Maurier, who tells him he should not take responsibility for Franklin’s death. He asks if she took responsibility for the patient who attacked her. She says she did, but not for his death. Hannibal replies that nor should she, implying that he was responsible for the patient’s death.

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