[TV] Hannibal – Mizumono (S2E13)

Quick Recap: Hannibal sends out an invitation to Jack for dinner. Will and Hannibal discuss their evolving relationship while in a parallel conversation, Will informs Jack of Hannibal’s plan. Jack intends to go in prepared and with backup available and nearby. It is unclear who’s side Will is on – he warns Hannibal that Jack … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Mizumono (S2E13)


[TV] Hannibal – Tome-Wan (S2E12)

Quick Recap: Will reveals to Hannibal that he has told Mason Verger that Hannibal wants to kill him, telling Hannibal that he was curious what would happen – a reversal of what Hannibal told him earlier in the season. Hannibal warns Will that their mutual understanding of each other’s psyches gives them the ability to … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Tome-Wan (S2E12)

[TV] Hannibal – Ko No Mono (S2E11)

Quick Recap: The episode opens with a new antlered monster resembling Will, born out of the carcass of a dying stag. Hannibal has Will over for dinner again where he offers him a roasted baby songbird as a ‘rite of passage’. Will has and enjoys the bird while Hannibal discusses his first murder, using the … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Ko No Mono (S2E11)

[TV] Hannibal – Nako Choko (S2E10)

Quick Recap: The episode opens with a more detailed retelling of the events of the last episode, this time from Will’s perspective. Will sees Randall as a monster, similar to Hannibal himself and kills him. Will calls his killing of Randall ‘intimate’ and a bond forms between Hannibal and Will. Jack finds a butchered Randall … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Nako Choko (S2E10)

[TV] Hannibal – Shiizakana (S2E9)

Quick Recap: Will fantasizes about killing Hannibal, using a moose to slowly decapitate him. Jack has dinner with Hannibal and Jack is cordial and talks about Will, but Hannibal will not discuss Will with the FBI anymore, since he is Will’s therapist now. A truck driver in the middle of nowhere is killed seemingly by … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Shiizakana (S2E9)

[TV] Hannibal – Su-zakana (S2E8)

Quick Recap: Jack and Will have a conversation about luring Hannibal into the open and using a fishing analogy they discuss their plan to capture Hannibal. Will, Jack and Hannibal have dinner and discuss the events of the season and agree, outwardly at least, to move on from the various accusations thrown and offenses taken. … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Su-zakana (S2E8)

[TV] Hannibal – Yakimono (S2E7)

Quick Recap: Miriam Lass has been found. She is upset to find out that the FBI haven’t caught the Ripper. She can’t remember who the Chesapeake Ripper is, either. She believes that the Ripper was saving her for last. Hannibal is brought in for Miriam to identify, and Hannibal learns that he is officially a … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Yakimono (S2E7)